Lady Gaga: Rebecca Black is a Genius

March 23, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga: Rebecca Black is a Genius

Lady Gaga is never going to say anything mean about anyone. But calling Rebecca Black "genius" is a new low in her niceness.

Gaga told Popeater, "I say Rebecca Black is a genius and that anybody telling her she’s cheesy is full of sh-t".

I know Gaga wants to be diplomatic, but let's not get carried away.

Rebecca Black is genius at, maybe, adding the right tags to her YouTube video to get her 30+ million views. But as far as music goes, she's not exactly Bach.

However, Gaga is an outspoken advocate of putting an end to cyber-bulling, so I'm sure that has something to do with it. Though I don't think it's fair to blame all of us, when 'GMA' interviewed Black with the title: Worst Video in the World?

Gaga said, "I, too, am a child of the dot-com era… That’s the thing about fame that is difficult because if you screw up … Google. It’s there.”

Now that Lady Gaga is behind her, it's a done deal. Lady Gaga could endorse a mass puppy murderer and people would get behind him.

On a side note, I think "Google. It's there." is quite possibly the best ad slogan I've ever heard. Not that they need one.