Lady Gaga Pissed Over Eva Longoria Ham Dress

November 8, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga Pissed Over Eva Longoria Ham Dress

Meat dresses are huuuuuge this season. So obviously one of Eva Longoria’s ten outfit changes at the MTV Europe Music Awards was a ham frock!

Eva hosted the event in Madrid over the weekend, and took a page out of Lady Gaga’s wardrobe book when she graced the stage wearing a ham-hock—faux of course!

“Lady Gaga couldn’t be here tonight but she left this dress in the refrigerator backstage,” Longoria told the audience.

Lady Gaga Gets Beef for Her Meaty Outfit

But sources say Gaga has her panties in a bunch over the copycatting, and was less than amused over Eva’s nerve to mock the meat couture look.

A source tells the Daily Mirror, “Gaga didn’t find it funny and said that Eva should find her own gimmicks.”

“Why can’t she stop stealing my ideas?” the insider claims Gaga said.

I really hope this isn’t true. Anyone who drapes herself in raw flank steak has no right to act all high and mighty! Don’t worry, girl, you own the raw meat look!