Lady Gaga on Motherhood and Turning to Acting

January 3, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga on Motherhood and Turning to Acting

Is Lady Gaga taking her Mother Monster role to the next level? Is she having Baby Gaga’s?

“Some say…long, long day from now…a long time. Not Soon. My next baby will be my new record,” Gaga tells The Insider.

Oh well, maybe she can name her next album “Goo Goo [Lady] Ga Ga.” Get it, cuz like, babies.

Anyways, no babies for Gaga anytime soon, so how about an acting career? Will Lady Gaga follow in the singer-to-thespian footsteps like Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears?!!

“I enjoy film and I like to act in my videos but I’m not an actress,” admits the pop star.

But didn’t you see her breathtaking acting in the video for Marry The Night? It was like she went to Madonna’s school of music video acting. First step, looking vaguely sexy yet also in pain the whole time. Second step, put on a “British” accent.

But Gaga says she isn’t trying to take over the Entertainment world, just the music scene.

“I didn’t start as an actress. I did go to acting school for many years, but that’s such a tremendous art in itself. I just don’t identify with that sort of web like approach to being a public figure where you’re suddenly set to do everything, I’m a musician. I’m a musician right now,” says Gaga.

Well, thank goodness we don’t have another Justin Timberlake to deal with. For more of this exclusive Lady Gaga interview, tune in to “The Insider” today.