Lady Gaga Moving in With Her Boyfriend?

January 9, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga Moving in With Her Boyfriend?

While this news from anyone else is not very newsworthy, this is Lady Gaga we’re talking about, and when she does something normal and domestic, it’s a big deal.

Lady Gaga and her boyfriend, “The Vampire Diaries” actor Taylor Kinney are reportedly moving in together. First of all, did you know they were THAT serious? Second of all, have you google-imaged Taylor Kinney? And then have you google-imaged Lady Gaga and tried to imagine them together and it didn’t work, so you gave up on love also? Just me then? Ok.

The couple was only photographed together for the first time last month, but now they have reportedly been looking at love nests together. They even want to buy two homes!

A source told The Sun newspaper, “They’ve been looking for two places – one near his parents in Pennsylvania and one in the Big Apple,” which is where Gaga hails from.

And before you dismiss this story as false, Gaga was seen last month looking at homes in a gated community in Bent Creek, Pennsylvania. She checked out a $1.7 million home. Also, the couple has been spotted in that town on several occasions, visiting restaurants and such.

Well, it wasn’t so much that they were “spotted” but onlookers witnessed an insanely attractive man walking hand-in-hand with what could only be described by Pennsylvania locals as an “alien maiden” and we in Hollywood know that that means it was Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney.