Lady Gaga Makes HUGE Announcement

July 12, 2013 By:
Lady Gaga Makes HUGE Announcement
Image By: FameFlyNet

“HUGE” by current Lady Gaga standards, anyway—a bar that has been set relatively low on account of no new music for more than a year…

After returning to the public wearing familiar extraterrestrial fashion (seen above) Gaga announced that the new album she’s been teasing for the better part of a year, oh so grandly titled ARTPOP, has a release date!

The long-awaited record is set to be unleashed on November 11. Prepare for the first single to be released on August 19.

You can also pre-order the album on September 1st, the same day the accompanying app will be released—“a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion and technology with a new interactive worldwide community.”

This entire promotional campaign is set to roll out in a little more than a month, so prepare for more Gaga this fall and winter.