Lady Gaga Made Justin Feel Like an Old Man

August 5, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga Made Justin Feel Like an Old Man

Remember when you were a teenager stalking *NSYNC? You would show up to their scheduled appearances, enter contests to meet them in person (and never win. Stupid contests), and some of us even had life size posters and PJ’s. That wasn’t me. Okay, it was.

Well you’re not alone. Lady Gaga used to be a huge fan of the boy band too.

In fact, she would show up to radio gigs hoping to get a glance of Justin and the boys. But when she confessed to Justin Timberlake that was a closeted *NSYNC fan, it made him feel like an old fart.

“She told me when she was 14, she sat outside a radio station with *NSYNC painted on her cheek,” Justin said.

“She said, ‘I hope that doesn’t make you feel awkward.’ I said, ‘Hell no, that makes me feel old.’ ”

It should. It was 1998. Some of the people reading this site weren’t born yet. Seriously. Or they were still being breast fed.

While Justin is feeling like an old man, Gaga is dealing with a new lawsuit. Rebecca Francescatti filed a federal lawsuit against Lady Gaga and DJ White Shadow LLC claiming the duo stole her song "Juda."

"The similarities of the work are too close to believe it’s a coincidence," said her attorney, Christopher Niro. Besides the sound, there's a personal connection between Francescatti and Gaga.

Goes to show you, you get famous and all of a sudden everyone thinks you've stolen their ideas.