Lady Gaga Launching Her Own Social Networking Site

February 6, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga Launching Her Own Social Networking Site

Lady Gaga conquered Twitter by being the first celebrity to reach 18 million followers. She has over 47 million likes on Facebook. And on Myspace--wait, is Myspace even a thing anymore?

So now, the only thing left for Lady Gaga to do is create her own social networking site so she can beat the whole Internet, once and for all. The singer is launching, a social networking site made specifically for Lady Gaga fans.

The site is currently being set up and the webpage invites fans to sign up with their email addresses. Upon signing up, you’ll get a little reply that reads:

“Your invitation request has been received! We're excited to share the world of LittleMonsters with you very shortly, keep an eye out for an official invite sometime soon."

According to FMQB, the site is powered by Backplane, which is a social media project that lets celebrities interact directly with their fans online. Kind of exactly like Twitter. Except without the trolls. For example, on Thursday of last week, the phrase #GagasCareerDiedWithJamey became a trending topic. It was in reference to the tragic suicide of 14 year-old Jamey Rodemeyer, who was bullied over his sexuality. Yep, not even in death can you escape online trolling.

Gaga flipped out over the topic, and who can blame her?

“Tweets about a 14 yr olds suicide in order to take a jab at me? Consider your integrity making fun at a dead child’s pain.”
The singer continued:

“Direct your insults (at) Lady Gaga, I can take it. Don’t bring in those who are not alive anymore to defend themselves. Be braver than that.”