Lady Gaga is Most Googled Image of 2009

December 1, 2009 By:
Lady Gaga is Most Googled Image of 2009

Google has just released their annual lists of who and what was search for the most in 2009. They break it down by category, and list the top five, whether it be “Rising Searches,” “News,” and “Images.”

Michael Jackson came in second place for the highest rising search term on the website, just under Twitter, which took the top spot.

Lady Gaga was named the most-searched image of the year. And Google’s Marissa Mayer appeared on the Today show this morning to explain why.

“The one that I think now is obvious but not in the beginning of the year is Lady Gaga,” said Mayer.

“She’s the number one image search fasting rising term. Because people are always wondering what she looks like. She looks different every time and they want to see all the different pictures and looks.”

That girl sure does know how to drum up publicity for herself! Check out the video below to see who else made the list!

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