Lady Gaga is Giving Away a Lock of Her Hair

October 29, 2009 By:
Lady Gaga is Giving Away a Lock of Her Hair

File this under crazy. Lady Gaga is going to give away a lock of her hair with every purchase of her deluxe new version of her album 'The Fame Monster' that comes with a special edition art book next month.

If you purchase the deluxe album you'll get a lock of her hair, a personal note from Gaga and a jigsaw puzzle.

The collector’s edition will also be filled with pictorials, posters, fanzines, paper dolls, 3D glasses and a behind-the-scenes look at her bizarre life.

If the lock of hair is a little too much for you, you can always buy tickets to her upcoming 'The Monster Ball Tour'.

"I’ve been training for two hours a day to get ready for this. I sing on the treadmill! I do cardio and weights on top of my rehearsals. I want to get my whole body in prime condition so I can carry the show," she said of her upcoming tour.

‘The Fame Monster’ is due for release in the US on November 24, but we're still a little confused about the lock of hair.

She wear wigs about 90% of the time so will it include a fake lock of hair? Or someone else's hair cut out of her expensive wig?