Lady Gaga is Bored of Being Rich

July 4, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga is Bored of Being Rich

Lady Gaga has so much money, she's absolutely bored it already. Just a few years ago she was living in a insect infested apartment unable to pay rent, and now money means nothing to her. Interesting.

“Money is completely boring to me. It means nothing, except it feeds my art,” the Poker Face singer tells Britain’s Live magazine in a new interview. “Every penny I make goes back into the Haus of GaGa. My Haus of GaGa is something like Andy Warhol’s Factory.

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“I have a small bunch of really creative people who make up the Haus and they work with me on my sets, my costumes, my jewelery and the concept of GaGa.

"It’s my team and we come up with crazy ideas and make them happen. I do make a lot of money, but I don’t want to own flash cars; I want to make Lady GaGa the biggest star in the world, and that takes a lot of work and creativity.”

Sure money isn't everything, but saying you're bored with how much money you have doesn't exactly make us love you.