Lady Gaga is a Homewrecker?

February 18, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga is a Homewrecker?

Lady Gaga is usually in the press for her knock-out performances and outlandish outfits. But we rarely hear about her personal life—until now! Rumor has it Gaga is something of a homewrecker!

Star magazine claims the pop singer stole her current boyfriend away from his previous relationship. According to the source, Matthew “Dada” Williams—who is an art director for Haus of Gaga—dumped his longtime girlfriend, ashion stylist Erin Hirsh.

“Matt was crazy about Erin, but then Gaga manipulated to get him back,” said the source.

And Williams even has a son with Hirsh. Insiders say he left Erin and baby Cairo when he was just two months old in order to join Gaga on tour. Erin then saw photographs of her boyfriend in London making out with Gaga in a tabloid.

“Erin saw the pictures and realized what was going down,” the source revealed. “Even though Matt had told her in so many words that they were through, actually seeing Gaga getting it on with the father of her child was absolutely devastating to her.”

We can imagine that at this point, Gaga is a woman who can get what she wants. But perhaps we’re not getting the whole story here! Gaga may be out there, but she doesn’t seem like a homewrecker!