Lady Gaga: 'I Want An Italian Baby'

January 31, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga: 'I Want An Italian Baby'

Mama! Change-a my diaper, for a made-a the boom-a boom-a!

Lady Gaga must have spent too much time with that giant egg, because the singer sure is nesting. Gaga has revealed that she wants a baby, but there are two conditions: 1) it must be through artificial insemination and 2) it must be Italian.

Gaga told Spain’s Radio Ibiza she was looking for a partner to have a kid with, but that partner has to share her Italian/Sicilian roots.Gaga’s father, Joe Germanotta, hails from the village of Naso in Sicily.

“I want a baby from an Italian—possibly Sicilian—donor," Gaga said.

And with most of the things Lady Gaga says, I just smile and nod and figure she's being all, you know, Lady Gaga and stuff. But she might be serious with this baby talk. Italian media asked the country’s leading artificial insemination medic, Severino Antinori, if Lady Gaga was consulting him. And the man said: “I don’t talk about my patients.”

Come on! Gaga, a baby isn’t a multicolored pair of silk Versace pants. You can’t just put it in the back of the closet when you’re done with it.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga has been going strong with her new boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. He’s not Italian, by the way. When the 25 year-old was asked what her relationship status is, she said: “You know I don't talk about my love life, but I'm very happy.”

The couple met while filming her video for You And I back in September. Kinney plays Gaga’s love interest in the video, and they share a steamy kiss. Since then, the two have been spotted hand in hand and hanging out at Kinney’s Los Angeles home.