Lady Gaga: I Did Cocaine and Listened to The Cure

September 7, 2009 By:
Lady Gaga: I Did Cocaine and Listened to The Cure

We all know Lady Gaga is a little out there. It’s hard for her to shock us anymore, with her crazy outfits and all. But it’s a recent statement she made that has us all thinking….TMI Gaga!

In a recent interview, Gaga revealed the secrets behind her creativity when it came to her songs. Apparently all she needed was cocaine and The Cure.

She said, “My cocaine soundtrack was The Cure,” she said. “I loved all their music, but I listened to this one song on repeat while I did bags and bags of cocaine. ‘Whatever I do/It’s not enough.’ Isn’t that funny?”

“At the time I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me until my friends came over and said, ‘Are you doing this alone?’ Um, yes. Me and my mirror.”

We know Gaga is a little nuts, but did she really think doing tons of blow by herself was normal? We’d love to get inside her head for just one day and see how she thinks! We hope for her sake that her “Cure” days are behind her.