Lady Gaga Has No Trouble Getting Men

August 25, 2009 By:
Lady Gaga Has No Trouble Getting Men

Lady Gaga knows that if she wasn’t famous, people would not find her as sexy. She feels that people think that she has great style and is sexy only because she has made such a big name for herself.

“I do get men trying to pick me up and it’s funny because a year ago, when I was dressing like this, with a very avant-garde fashion sense, I think I intimidated men much more,” she said.

If she wasn’t famous we would find her a little too eccentric. Especially if we saw her walking the streets with nothing but a thong, a bra and a bow wig.

“It was funny the other day when I was wearing my cone head and this radio DJ was saying: ‘Oh you’re so sexy’, when the mic was off. I thought: ‘I can’t believe that after a whole year, they finally think my cone head is sexy.’

“It’s funny. A year ago it wasn’t sexy, it was classed as weird.”

It’s different when you are an entertainer and when you are just a normal person. Gaga can get away with her silly outfits because she is an entertainer and her outfits entertain people. She definitely knows that her sense of style gets her more attention so why would she dress normal?