Lady Gaga Has a Breakdown

May 28, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga Has a Breakdown

Lady Gaga needs to slow down and take a breather before she ends up in the hospital!

Gaga broke down on stage last night during an emotional tribute to her sick grandfather.

She's currently on the UK leg of her 'Monster Ball' tour and was performing at Nottingham, England on Thursday when she broke down.

Lady Gaga's Diet: Ecstasy, Whisky and Pills

Gaga dedicated "Speechless" to her ill grandpa, who has been diagnosed with Lupus, and had to wipe tears from her eyes during the song.

“If we all sing loud enough, maybe he can hear us!” she told the audience. While the rare moment was not caught on camera, fans and reviewers were stunned to experience her mini breakdown.

Of course like a real pro, she wiped her tears, got her act together and carried on with the show. This girl is headed towards a real meltdown if she doesn't take a break soon. She's the hardest working girl in showbiz right now!