Lady Gaga Gets Topless With Donatella Versace

October 4, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga Gets Topless With Donatella Versace

…And sometimes Lady Gaga just walks around topless at the Versace designer’s house. Just another day in the life.

Gaga, Donatella Versace (the current heir and Vice-President of the Versace Group) and Gaga’s live-in photographer Terry Richardson had a grand old dinner party at Donatella’s deceased brother Gianni's Italian apartment.

Gaga rocked the infamous “safety pin” Versace dress, the same one she was spotted wearing yesterday, but this time Gaga was rocking pin straight blonde locks and looked IDENTICAL to the aging Donatella. It was like Donatella came back from the future to warn Gaga what she will turn into if she doesn’t start lathering herself immediately in SPF 100.

At one point, Gaga just removed her top and posed with a total nip-slip moment, because that’s what famous people do.

Or maybe Gaga was just under Terry Richardson’s spell. Besides looking like a ‘70s porn director all the time, Terry has a way of making thin pale women take their clothes off.

There are also some less trashy photos of Gaga traipsing about Gianni’s apartment in vintage Versace gowns.

The photos have hit the net in the wake of Gaga’s body evolution launch on her site, which showcases underwear pictures of Gaga “embracing her curves.” So clearly, “nakedness” and a “embracing” is going to be a recurring theme with Gaga from now on. Ok, good to know.

Photo Credit: Terri Richardson