Lady Gaga Gets Head Tattoo – Sleeps In An Egg

September 14, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga Gets Head Tattoo – Sleeps In An Egg

Lady Gaga’s singing career has always walked a very weird and very fine line between pop-artist and performance artist. I’m talking Live-In-San-Francisco-Eats-Her-Own-Hair-And-Calls-It-Art performance artist.

Anyways, to cap off New York Fashion Week and celebrate the launch of Gaga’s new fragrance “Fame” the singer decided to resurrect her “egg” fete from the 2011 Grammys by going on stage to sleep inside this huge egg-shaped dome while guests could walk up throughout the night to pet the sleeping Gaga?

Ok, so if that wasn’t weird enough, after several hours of “sleeping” Gaga wakes up, takes off her wig to reveal her super short hair and gets a tattoo of Honey Boo Boo child tatted live on the back of her head!

To be fair, it’s a tattoo of a cherub, but it looks like that Honey Boo whatever, does it even matter!?

As if this story wasn’t bizarre enough, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton were also there which if you know anything about celebrity gossip circa 2006, that was the year they had their big cat fight(s). So apparently they are friends now AND it’s clear that Gaga has ditched her high-class friends like John Paul Gaultier and Taylor Kitsch for budget b-tches like LiLo and Paris. Class act.


Ok so THAT happened and THEN we find out that Lady Gaga has hired one of her Twitter fans to work at her art-collective/production team, Haus of Gaga.

First she’s friends with LiLo and now Gaga’s trolling the internet to staff her creative team? Great. She’s like two steps away from judging “The X-Factor.”

A 20-year-old Twitter fan named Helen Green sent Gaga a sketch she drew of the pop star and Gaga liked it so much she put it as her background art on her twitter and hired the chick.

fan art

“Welcome to the Haus of Gaga my angel of an artist,” Gaga tweeted, “The first Little Monster to become part of Haus collective. See u soon!”