Lady Gaga is Dirty and Naked Again

August 13, 2013 By:
Lady Gaga is Dirty and Naked Again

We were just thinking to ourselves that there isn’t enough news about Lady Gaga. Where is she, you guys? KIDDING. Haha, we realize that just uttering her name is sending gossip bloggers into anxiety-induced sweat riots because there’s just SO MUCH to cover.

But here’s Gaga naked because we realize you’ll like it.

Gaga covers V magazine and she photographed four different covers, each one representing a different period in her life.

For the first cover, she wears her hair dark, wet and shaggy with no shirt on. She says this was her “look” when she was 19-21 years old.

Honestly, Gaga is naked so often nowadays, there is nothing left of the pop artist that we haven’t seen yet.

Oh, and here’s Gaga wearing a blazer with no shirt.

And here's Gaga wearing a tank top on only half of her body.

Happy Tuesday Little Monsters, somebody better enjoy this.