Lady Gaga Is A ‘Bully’ and Likes ‘Weird Sex’

July 29, 2013 By:
Lady Gaga Is A ‘Bully’ and Likes ‘Weird Sex’

We’ve always known Lady Gaga was weird, right? That is/was kind of a given, but now that Gaga is back in the gossip sphere, her so-called former friends are speaking out about how she’s a total bully and is obsessed with men in a weird way.

So, Gaga’s Little Monsters are obsessed with her because they think she’s a patron saint and she pretends to be anti-bullying and pro-gay whatever, but too bad Gag doesn’t practice what she preaches.

“She would have a prayer circle before each show,” a former crew member on the Monster’s Ball world tour told The Sun, “And one night she just suddenly turned on one of the backing singers, branding her unprofessional and ungrateful.”

“She crucified her in front of dozens of people – she skinned this girl alive. It was so painful to watch – and no, you couldn’t step in.”

The source continues, “She offers support to her fans who are victims of bullying and calls them her monsters – but she is a monster and a bully herself.”

We believe it.

Also, whoever this staffer is that works for Gaga, he/she really has it in for the pop diva. The insider adds that she does “Weird” stuff in bed because she “is obsessed with men. She will do anything to get a guy.”

The source wouldn’t elaborate on what this “weird” sex stuff is, but just said, “She is as extravagant in bed as she is on stage. Her love-making is a big performance.”

Ok, so pianos, couture gowns, and sex. That makes sense?

Also, Gaga thinks she’s the sh*t. The source says, “Nobody calls her Stefani. Even her mum calls her Gaga. She can no longer tell the difference between reality and performance.”

So, Gaga’s a crappy person is what this “insider” wants us to believe. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer Gaga. Yeesh.