Lady Gaga Arrives, Flips the Bird in LAX

July 9, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga Arrives, Flips the Bird in LAX

Welcome back to Los Angeles, Ms. Gaga. Now let us flash our cameras in your face.

It’s one thing to step off a plane with a severe case of jetlag from a cross-Earth excursion. It’s another thing when you’re Lady Gaga and you get ambushed by paparazzi as soon as you step off the plane. The pop icon showed her appreciation for the warm welcome by wearing no clothes and flipping everybody off.

Gaga was escorted through a sea of attacking photogs, wearing a pair of see-through tights, and open black leather jacket, a black lace bra, and… Oh wait, no… That’s it!

If it was anyone else, we could assume that she was strung out on a series of drugs and/or got dressed in the dark. But, it being Gaga, this is just a typical day in the life.

In her defense, she’s been on tour since April and might have just run out of clean laundry.

Derrière on display, she made her way through the crowd and was ushered into a black SUV where she planted herself and hid behind a large pair of black sunglasses.

But before she was escorted into her waiting car, she took the time to throw a solid middle finger over her shoulder at all the lookiloos.

Gaga was returning home from Australia. Today is day one of her just over a month-long break from her Born This Way world tour. She’ll return to Eastern Europe for a show on August 14th in Sofia, Bulgaria.