Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Break Up

May 2, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Break Up

After 10 months of domestic bliss, Lady Gaga and her ridiculously handsome boyfriend and “Vampire Diaries” star Taylor Kinney have decided to go “on a break.”

Full Disclosure: I don’t think anyone thought they were going to even last 10 days.

Lady Gaga is hitting the road on her “Born This Way Ball” world tour, so she can’t commit to a relationship right now.

“She will be touring nonstop until next year and has found she can’t have a relationship at the same time,” a source close to Gaga told Us Weekly.

Gaga is going on a 110-date tour which will probably be more high-maintenance than having a boyfriend, “there’s just no room for anything else,” says the source, “her work is all-consuming.”

While that is true, Gaga’s friends are also saying he wasn’t that great of a boyfriend anyway.

“Taylor was all about himself, a typical actor, and didn’t completely get Gaga,” says the friend.

That and, they weren’t super serious. Gaga knew he was just temporary arm candy.

“She loved that she got this guy who everyone thought was hot! But it was never going to last.”

As it is in most break-ups, the friends starts talking sh*t as soon as the couple breaks up.

Back in October, Gaga revealed, “You know I don’t talk about my love life, but I’m very happy.”

Now, her friends are spilling details saying that Kinney “was never that attentive to her.”