Lady Gaga and Boyfriend Back Together!

June 4, 2012 By:
Lady Gaga and Boyfriend Back Together!

Lady Gaga and her out-of-her-league super hot boyfriend Taylor Kinney are back together!

Mind you, these two “broke up” last month, so it was really more of a “break” than a “break-up.”

The couple made headlines that they were back together when he was spotted on tour with Gaga in Asia. He was with her at her tour stops in Thailand and Singapore.

“They sure looked like they were back together – holding hands and being cute everywhere they went,” an onlooker told Us Weekly, “They were seen kissing right as they got into the hotel elevator.”

They reportedly broke up because of Gaga’s tour, but apparently they missed each other so much they had to get back together.

“They are going to try and make it work even with her crazy schedule,” says a source close to Gaga, “Gaga realized she missed him.”

The couple had been together for 10 months before deciding to call it quits. They blamed Gaga’s career for the break-up, because let’s face it, his IMDB page is a little barren.

However, friends speculated that the two would never last. One “friend” said when they broke up, “Taylor was all about himself, a typical actor, and didn’t completely get Gaga.”

Well, most people don’t GET Gaga. She’s got to date Prince or David Bowie if she wants someone to match her levels of craziness.

Anyways, it appears there is no trouble in paradise for now.

“They may still be trying to make it work. She feels like having him keeps her grounded,” says the source, “Obviously she thinks he’s hot…she says he’s ‘really cool.’”