Lady Gaga Admits She Doesn't Fit In to Hollywood Scene

February 9, 2010 By:
Lady Gaga Admits She Doesn't Fit In to Hollywood Scene

Lady Gaga came and stomped everyone in the music industry in 2009 so you would think she would be all over the Hollywood scene but that is not the case. Gaga admits that she is really shy and she actually doesn't fit in very much with the Hollywood scene.

“I don’t really meet that many other artists because I’m actually kinda shy. I might not be shy with people that I know but with people that I don’t know I am very shy,” says GaGa.

She also admits that she is very reserved and usually likes to keep to herself.

She says, “I generally really keep to myself and I am focused on my music. But when I do meet people that I have lots in common with it goes really well.

“I always feel shy in the Hollywood scene. I feel a bit like I did in high school, like I don’t really fit in,” she adds.

Gaga is so popular right now that she doesn't need to try to fit in. Everyone else around her should try to fit in! Besides, that's the beauty of Gaga, she is different from most of the people in the Hollywood scene.