Lady Gaga & Jamie Foxx Friends With Drug Kingpin

August 24, 2011 By:
Lady Gaga & Jamie Foxx Friends With Drug Kingpin

Needless to say, Jamie Foxx and Lady Gaga have interesting friends. But this might take the cake. Apparently, because of their friends, they're both now caught up in a multimillion-dollar international drug cartel scandal. Oops.

The FBI discovered that two men behind the criminal operation are friends of both Foxx, Gaga, and Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson.

Warren Braithwaite was arrested in a five-state Drug Enforcement Agency sting that uncovered a drug ring that distributed thousands of pounds of marijuana. Braithwaite was Foxx's good friend, while secretly running this underground crime ring, according to law enforcement documents.

According to Radaronline, Gaga was friends with the other mastermind, Kevin Mutchison. Mutchison collaborated with Lady Gaga to launch her Heartbeats headphones. And he was apparently also working on a headphones project wth Foxx.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"I want to make headphones and…uh, sell drugs. Lots and lots of drugs!"

Braithwaite was arrested on June 14, after the FBI wiretapped him and discovered he was transporting 10,000 pounds of marijuana from Mexico. That's about $8 million dollars worth of weed. Or 123,293 hours of laughing your ass off while watching Teletubbies reruns and eating Ho-hos.

Just days before his arrest, Braithwaite and Foxx were rubbing elbows at a charity event for Magic Johnson. With Braithwaite there, I'm guessing everyone on the red carpet had dry mouth and the munchies. Probably got a contact high.

Braithwaite is currently serving a sentence for five felonly counts in a Phoenix jail. Before being busted, he had an interior design business, called Casa Décor. Back in February, Braithwaite was reportedly working on Foxx's multimillion dollar Thousand Oaks mansion. In an email on February 12th, Braithwaite told Foxx his wife, Elsa, was " dropping by those design sketches later today. When you approve we can get rolling."

Key word here: rolling.

One of Braithwaite's employees said: "Warren paid us all in cash."

Cash that you could probably light up and get reeeeaaally relaxed with.

Braithwaite also has a bad record with domestic violence. The drug kingpin has been accused of assaulting two women in the past. Both women were granted restraining orders against him. One of them, Melody Jackson, lived with Braithwaite in 2003 and discussed a horrifying incident in which he "cut my throat with a knife." She adds, "he punched me in the stomach twice," claiming that she was pregnant at the time and it resulted in a miscarriage.

Foxx's reps have not commented on the situation.