Kirstie Alley Supports Lady Gaga's Weight Gain

September 28, 2012 By:
Kirstie Alley Supports Lady Gaga's Weight Gain

If we’re talking weight gain in Hollywood, you always want to go to the expert; the original “Fat Actress” Kirstie Alley.

By the way, we’re not calling her a fat actress, that was the name of her 2005 there!

Anyways, Lady Gaga ballooned up to 25 pounds and received a lot of negative press, so much so that Gaga had to strip down for photographs and remind everyone that she’s struggled with anorexia and bulimia for most of her life. Meaning, don’t mess with a fragile girl.

Kirstie Alley has famously been scrutinized for weight gain, and is something of a veteran when it comes to ignoring people’s “fat” comments. Kirstie Alley weighs in on Gaga’s weight gain. (See what I did there with weigh? Ehh, nevermind).

“Most of my career I was pretty lean, so when I gained the weight, obviously people [noticed],” Kirstie tells People, “With [Lady Gaga], she gains [25] pounds and it become this huge thing.”

“It's Hollywood that is obsessed with weight. I think everyone should try to be healthy. Lean is better than not lean, but I think we send a horrible message to the world, especially to girls.”

Also, Kirstie wants us to be reminded that 25 pounds on Gaga is not exactly huge.

“She was so freaking skinny that [25] pounds would make her a what, size 2? There’s an insanity here. I know it’s a pressure on her. I know it is. It’s really hard to play that game.”

I think Gaga should tweet “thanks” to Kirstie Alley. I’m just saying. New BFF alert? Maybe.