Gaga and Lindsay Collaborating On New Music Video?

August 8, 2012 By:

Lindsay Lohan has been in sore need of a career defibrillation for a while, now. And every day, it’s looking more and more like the paddles will be in the hands of her new best friend, Lady Gaga.

After bringing Lindsay some publicity in July with pics of their Chateau Marmont slumber party, Gaga has reportedly decided to cast Lindsay in her next music video and the first for her new album ARTPOP, according to an insider.

Gaga just announced the album’s title (no release date yet) earlier this week via a tattoo on her forearm that reads ARTPOP. She also just wrapped filming for Machete Kills, Robert Rodriguez’s sequel to his 2010 Machete, where Lindsay played a ditzy, doped up teenager-turned-vengeance nun.

Seeing as how Gaga’s last five videos have been viewed way more times than Lindsay’s last five movies (aside from Machete, maybe—anyone even heard of Lindsay Lohan's Indian Journey, InAPPropriate Comedy, Labor Pains, Chapter 27, or I Know Who Killed Me? No? Us either), the gig would be huge for LiLo. Another source has reported that the video isn’t in production yet—Gaga’s been too busy touring and floating around pools in the buff with beau Taylor Kinney—and as of now, both Gaga’s and Lohan’s reps have no comment about the project.

Personally, I hope Gaga dresses Lindsay up like a unicorn monster, as she’s been doing herself lately. It would be good to see Lohan’s equine range, as she’s pretty much exhausted the world of seeing her in slutty pillhead roles.