From Gaga to Kendra: Celebs That Used To Be Strippers

May 26, 2012 By:
From Gaga to Kendra: Celebs That Used To Be Strippers

Most celebrities have an interesting route to fame. Some get their start on reality TV shows, other’s hustle until they land that big audition. And some stars got their start as strippers. Stripper one day, Lady Gaga the next.

These are the celebrities who used to be strippers.

Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga was a stripper!? Are you surprised? She dresses like a stripper most of the time anyways. Gaga says she started working in clubs at age 18. Maybe that was the inspiration behind “Marry The Night?”

Channing Tatum: Ever since Channing Tatum signed on to play a male stripper in “Magic Mike” everyone found out he used to be a male stripper in real life as well. Somehow this made him hotter, unfortunately for female celebs it doesn’t help their public image any. Fun Fact: His stage name was “Chan Crawford.”

Nadya Octomom Suleman: Even though she makes grand statements about how she’ll never pose nude because she has “morals” or whatever. When Octomom was 19 she was a topless dancer for one night at a gentleman’s club near her home. She says she quit because she didn’t want to give lap dances.

Carmen Electra: Carmen Electra began her career as an exotic dancer, but hasn’t really ditched her stripper roots. The “Baywatch” babe released her own signature brand of stripper poles. It’s just a pole, but it’s portable, so travel will never get in the way of your need to strip! Did you know that her real (non-stripper) name is Tara Leigh Patrick?

Kendra Wilkinson: Before she was one of Hugh Hefner’s playmates and before she was an E! personality, Kendra Wilkinson was a 17-year-old stripper! Gasp! Kendra has been quoted as saying that she is “embarrassed” that she worked as a stripper. Wait, but she’s not embarrassed that she slept with a 86-year-old man?

Eve: The R&B songstress used to be a stripper before she made it big as a legit music artist. Aside from Lady Gaga, she’s one of the few former strippers that actually have a big career.

Amber Rose: Amber Rose is already a strippers name, so if she wasn’t an exotic dancer that’s just a waste of a name. Calling her a celebrity is a word I throw around lightly, but before this chick dated Kanye West and then got engaged to Wiz Khalifa, she was strippin’ at age 15. Talk about a Cinderella story!

Courtney Love: I just assumed Courtney Love was a stripper this whole time anyways, but before she was the vocalist for “Hole” she was stripping in Alaska, Taiwan, and Japan of all places.

Dita Von Teese: Now she’s known for being a “Burlesque Dancer” which is a classy way of saying “stripper with a shirt on” but before she became a class act, she was a regular ‘ole stripper working for them dollar bills!