From Gaga to Jessica: Celebs Famously Slammed For Weight Gain

October 6, 2012 By:
From Gaga to Jessica: Celebs Famously Slammed For Weight Gain

It’s hard being a celebrity…all that money, popularity, and access to the best plastic surgeons, but worst of all, is when you gain even five pounds, because the gossip world will SLAM you and call you fat, even if it’s a couple pounds.

Then the internet world will watch with bated breath as you lose those five pounds, gain it back, and finally lose it again.

In the post-Gaga-gained-25-lbs world, we’re looking at the top celebrities who were slammed, ridiculed and picked apart for their weight gain over the years.

Jessica Simpson: Jessica Simpson has constantly been scrutinized for her weight gain and loss, long before she ever had a baby. When she married Nick Lachey, she was the hot young pop star, then she suffered her infamous “moms jeans” incident where she stepped out to a 2009 concert looking a little too stuffed into dem jeans and it’s been an uphill battle for Jessica since then.

Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga has recently come under fire from EVERYONE for gaining “25 lbs.” She’s so fed up with the weight comments that she posed some semi-nude pics on her site with the captions that revealed she’s been battling anorexia since she was 15. Now, do you feel bad mocking her new lbs? Gaga also launched the “Body Revolution” on her site, which might empower the masses to embrace their own weight, or might just be shameless self-promotion.

Kirstie Alley: Kirstie Alley’s weight gain is such a hot-topic, she named her 2005 sitcom after it – “Fat Actress.” Then Kirstie Alley lost an entire person in body fat when she joined “Dancing With The Stars” and we all got hooked on following her body mass index!

Christina Aguilera: When Christina Aguilera burst onto the music scene, she was curvy and we loved her for it. Then she dropped a ton of weight circa the “Genie In A Bottle” video, gained it back, got down to a super skinny size for her role in Burlesque, and is now back to flaunting her curves. But no matter, Christina Aguilera loves her curves and so does her boyfriend…so there!

Demi Lovato: Demi Lovato was bullied for her curvy frame and it sent her to rehab, all before she turned 19! When she toured with the Jonas Brothers she was too skinny and when she emerged from rehab, she looked happy and healthy. Demi now looks fab and supports an anti-bullying campaign and has embraced her curves.

Kim Kardashian: Kim K is the only curvy star who doesn’t get bullied for her weight! Until today. Kim wore a black peplum dress, and even though a peplum covers your belly, the gossip world spotted what they thought was a baby bump. False alarm, she’s not preggo. Oh wait, Kim K has actually come under fire for her curves before…Paris Hilton once said Kim’s butt looked like “cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.” Uhh, who has even seen what cottage cheese looks like in a trash bag?