Florida Says Lady Gaga is Tricking Kids Into Being Gay

July 20, 2012 By:
Florida Says Lady Gaga is Tricking Kids Into Being Gay

Apparently if you're gay, you weren't born that way and you're just a victim of the relentless peer pressure of the one and only Lady Gaga.

That’s right, people, parents, government officials – apparently Lady Gaga is making kids gay.

Well that’s how the Florida Family Association, an organization that dedicates itself to “defending American values,” feels anyway. For real.

Their disdain for Gaga and her it’s-ok-to-be-gay dance single is centered around what they feel is her encouraging “Thousands of kids who might have otherwise worked through their pubescent sexual identity issues [to] be inspired to accept the wrong choice based upon [her] unscientific, emotionally charged propaganda.”

But if that weren’t enough, the FFA has also taken up beef with Office Depot -- yeah, that menacing giant that sells pencils and printer paper? – for donating $1 million dollars to Gaga’s Born This Way foundation.

The organization was created with the intention of “empowering youth” and “inspiring bravery” by embracing our differences and encouraging love.
Horrible, right?

The folks in Florida are urging people to follow their cause and protest Office Depots decision by forwarding an email they were nice enough to go ahead and type up for you with the subject line, “Born this Way sends an irresponsible message to many teens who would have eventually chose to be straight.”

The email itself then has bunch of links to articles that basically claim “gay” is a choice.

You can’t make this stuff up people….

So in counter protest to their ridiculous protest I say we all head down to our closest Office Depot to stock up on Post-Its… the rainbow colored ones.