Celebs Tweet About Election Day

November 6, 2012 By:
Celebs Tweet About Election Day

Election Day is upon us! 

If you didn’t know that already, then you haven’t logged on to Twitter yet today. Celebrities have been busy clogging the social media sphere with politically charged tweets as a last ditch effort to further milk their influence over the masses.

Who’s tweeting what? Or—better yet—who’s voting for whom? Here’s a rundown of the 2012 Presidential Election conversation so far…

Faith Hill: Tomorrow is election day – don't forget to vote!!!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: I cut this video almost 4 years ago in celebration of #CHANGE — I think it still resonates quite strongly. #VOTE http://t.co/XXRE7TOe

Channing Tatum: Guys please please please vote tomorrow! Every vote counts. It really does.

Lady Gaga: So excited, will be on the radio today and tomorrow to talk about the election and how important it is to Vote. #YouthEmpowerment

LeBron James: Getting ready for Tuesday. Make sure you are too #vote

Lane Lynch: Are you all planning your day tomorrow so that you schedule a time to #VOTE?

John Legend: Had a beautiful time in Cleveland today. So many people voting today! The lines were huge. They need to open up more early vote sites!

La La: Vote Obama!!! @barackobama! Every vote COUNTS!

Scottt Baio: Go ahead. Keep screaming it! RT @Kaore SCOTT BAIO IS A REPUBLICAN???!!!! #OhChachi #SayItIsntSo

Ashley Judd: If you vote tomorrow, confirm your voting location. I missed voting once, running around to different polling places :(

Kim Kardashian: Sending in my absentee ballot now!!! Make sure you vote!!!!

Michael Strahan: Also everybody make sure you get out and vote!! #vote

Aziz Ansari: Had a good chuckle at the Illuminati meeting this morning about the "election" that is "tomorrow." Hahaha! Have fun guys.

Christina Applegate: Given the fact tht this election is so frighteningly close. Don't for 1 second think ur vote doesn't matter. Go to the polls!

Elizabeth Banks: Me and @oliviawilde are voting for @BarackObama TOMORROW #election2012

Kourtney Kardashian: Don't forget to VOTE!! You owe it to yourself and your country to educate yourself and VOTE.

MC Hammer: They call it Election Day ... I call it #VoteDay ... It's Critical that we all participate !!!! Go Vote !!!

Neil Patrick Harris: Please please vote tomorrow. And spend some time educating yourself to make informed choices. It’s your civic duty. Heee. I said duty. (Tweeted Monday.)

Donald Trump: In ’08, America voted for Hope & Change. Instead, we got incompetency. Now it is time to put a real job creator in office. Vote 4 Mitt!

Octavia Spencer: Listen no matter where you stand on political ideology, please let your voice be heard. #Vote2012 It's the only power you have!!!!!!!

Scooter Braun: ELECTION DAY tomorrow. Big Decision. Im going with TEAM JACOB

Aubrey O’Day: Maybe its not such a good idea 2 vote for the party that has 2 hide its last president (& their money) n the Cayman Islands, just a thought.

Katy Perry: Who's ready to vote tomorrow? I've got my outfit laid out! Send me a photo of your outfit when you're at the polls, and I'll RT my faves! (Twitted Monday.)

Mario Lopez: Goodnight everyone. Hope you all vote tomorrow.... #election2012 #BigDay

Ryan Seacrest: Invited @barackobama & @mittromney to do election day interviews tmrw. Obama is locked, no confirmation from Romney yet