Adam Lambert Gushes About Lady Gaga

December 4, 2009 By:
Adam Lambert Gushes About Lady Gaga

Adam Lambert recently spent some time in the studio with the one and only Lady Gaga and the experience was so amazing he literally can't stop gushing about her!

"Gaga! Working in the studio with Gaga was a trip," Lambert told MTV News about their collaboration.

"The Haus of Gaga came in at the end to say hi. She was just there. We were working with her and Jeff Bhasker and we recorded the song, and she egged me on and it was crazy."

When asked if he would love to join her on tour, he added, "If she'd have me, yeah, she's amazing," Adam said. "I have no clue [when that would happen]. I have not heard anything about that. I think she's going off solo right now. I think she's pretty amazing. I want to be at her show."

The real question is, who doesn't love Gaga? We've all gone gaga over gaga! Check out the clip of Adam gushing over Gaga below...