La Toya Jackson Losing Her Las Vegas Home

September 11, 2009 By:
La Toya Jackson Losing Her Las Vegas Home

La Toya Jackson is so behind on her mortgage payments that she's set to lose her Las Vegas home any day now.

La Toya owes $745,670 in unpaid mortgage installments on the plush condo at the LV International Country Club, according to

She has until the end of the month to cough up the money or else the condo goes up for auction. But apparently she doesn't seem too worried about losing her home.

Her rep says, "La Toya has an extensive real estate portfolio and her advisers directed her to the business decision to let this particular property to go to short sale where it is now. The property was also something she got during her divorce from Jack Gordon and she has no attachment to it."

La Toya seems too busy concentrating on her 15 minutes of fame to even care that she's losing her condo, so it all works out in the end.