‘X Factor’ Judge Calls Gaga's Early Music 'Disgusting'

September 19, 2012 By:
‘X Factor’ Judge Calls Gaga's Early Music 'Disgusting'

L.A. Reid will never live this one down…

On a Wednesday episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “The X Factor” judge got put in the hot seat at what has become the dark spot on his legendary career… That is, saying no to Lady Gaga.

Ellen segued nicely from “X Factor” talk into the hot topic…

“Like I said, you’ve been responsible for a lot of careers. A lot of big careers and one regret you have is…” the host poked.

L.A. responded, “Everyone has to have one regret, right?”

In a desperate attempt to plead his side of the story, the producer did he all he could to prove that he was the victim in the story and not the other way around.

“She sits at the piano. She has white Go-go boots up to her thighs, right,” said Gaga, painting a picture of the scene. “And she is unbelievable. She sits there and she plays songs on the piano and sings and she finishes.”

L.A. continued, adding that, in the audition, he told the budding pop superstar that she was “going to change music.”

But somewhere along the line he forgot that conversation, because, listening to her early material, he was somehow put off…

“I heard her demo tapes … I said, ‘You know what? This is disgusting' ... and I dropped her,” he said.

Uh, L.A., I think you mean disgustingly successful…

He agreed, adding, “It was the biggest mistake I ever made in my life.”

Despite his regret, there is no denying that the singer has held a grudge over the years. Her song, “Paper Gangster” from her debut album The Fame tells the story of their encounter in a different light.

“I don't do funny business, not interested in fakers / Don’t want no paper gangsta, uh, oh,” Gaga sings.