LA not so glam this week...

March 4, 2006 By:
LA not so glam this week...

Many of you might think that living in Los Angeles during the Oscars is exciting. Sorry to burst your bubble but that aint reality. Lets just name a few things that annoy the residents of Los Angeles during the Oscars.

The stretch of Hollywood Boulevard that runs between Highland Avenue and Orange Drive is closed for the week starting tonight as crews prepare for Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony at the Kodak Theatre. This is a horrific sight, a five-minute drive will cost you two hours. Any short cuts will you take will get you landed in a small dark road, with no outlet out and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

If anyone needs a pair of underwear from the Hollywood and highland complex, think again the mall is closed.

Subway riders will experience route changes.

Don't even think about making dinner reservations at The Ivy, Koi, or Chateau Marmont because reservations have been made months in advance for ‘A’ lister, or so they claim, I would love to take a look at those empty books.

Don't even think about going to any of the hot spots like Privilege, Teddy’s, Tropicana bar cause at this time of year, you can’t even stand on the sidewalks.

So what do real people who have a 9 to 5 job in this glamorous city at this time of the year do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!