'The Closer' Final Season Begins Tonight

July 9, 2012 By:
'The Closer' Final Season Begins Tonight

After seven seasons, the hit series “The Closer” is about to be filed under “case closed.”

TNT has released a behind the scenes video of an emotional Kyra Sedgwick as she wraps her last scenes portraying the beloved Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, the Los Angeles officer who often uses controversial, non-traditional means of apprehending vicious criminals.

Sedgwick talks about the narrative aspect of the series conclusion, and is pleased with how it’s all going to wrap up, "I certainly think that this last season, these last six episodes, the journey is right. The ending is right."

Of her character, she admits that she will miss her deeply, and Sedgwick thanks all of her/Brenda’s fans for all their love and support over the years, "We'll miss you watching us. We thank you for coming along."

As far as working on the set, she praises all her cast and crew for their amazing work ethic and mutual admiration and respect. With teary eyes, she reflects on how everyone there has touched her deeply in some way.

In lieu of taking a material object from the set as a memento of her time there, Sedgwick pictures all her coworkers' faces during their morning meeting, and says "I'd love to box them all up and take them home."

Though that’s obviously not feasible, she, like the rest of us will have to settle for a complete box set of the show once this final season has come and gone.

The first of the final six episodes of “The Closer” kicks off tonight, on TNT at 9 PM EST. The series finale is scheduled for Monday, August 13.