Kyra Sedgwick on Losing Money to Ponzi Scheme: It's Painful

June 10, 2009 By:
Kyra Sedgwick on Losing Money to Ponzi Scheme: It's Painful

Many celebrities were affected by the “Ponzi Scheme,” a fraudulent investment operation recently used by financier Bernie Madoff to screw people out of thousands, and for some millions, of dollars.

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon were just one Hollywood couple who fell victim to the scam. The two have managed throughout their careers and marriage together to stay out of the tabloids for the most part.

In fact, Kyra recently told the Boston Globe, "I think the interesting thing about it was that I always thought, `We're so boring. We should be in the tabloids more. C'mon honey, let's have a scandal.’”

Guess you should be careful what you wish for! Kyra and Kevin were duped out of a lot of money, but they’re not open to telling how much.

Kyra went on to say, "Well, it wasn't the truth that we were destroyed. And I think when you say `no comment,' that's, of course, where they're going to go, because it's fun and it grabs headlines and people will be more interested."

Nevertheless, they feel like they were taken advantage of. Kyra told the paper, "It's been really unpleasant and makes you feel really vulnerable. But the fact of the matter is that we did not lose everything. We lost hard-earned money that we worked very hard for that was what we thought in a safe place. It's painful but a lot of people lost a lot more. And we have a lot of things to be grateful for in our life, and we never ever forget that."

That’s probably the best attitude to have about it! At least Kyra and Kevin are still able to work and make money! So many people who fell victim to the scam lost their entire retirement funds! So it’s god to see that they see the silver lining.