Kylie's Generous Birthday

May 26, 2008 By:
Kylie's Generous Birthday

It's good to be Kylie Minogue...or at least be in her circle of friends. Kylie is using her birthday as an excuse to splash out on gifts for her close pals.

Kylie is going to take a break from her tour on Wednesday and party like a rock star with friends and family in Paris. She told her guests not to buy her any gifts for her birthday, though they should expect to receive expensive presents themselves. Where do I apply to be her friend??

A source told The Sun: "Kylie has been spending some of her rare rest time on the European tour looking through boutiques and antique stores for gifts to give to her guests. She's been shopping in Paris, Belgium, Prague and Athens. She loves giving gifts and she loves shopping, and money is no obstacle.

"She has also asked guests not to bring gifts for her as she knows she is near-impossible to buy for. It will be a grand party but she doesn't want a major all-night bash. She's in the middle of touring and can't afford to get too tired after her recent health problems."

Kylie will continue her tour until August, that’s when the curtain falls in London.