Kylie Minogue Wants to Be a Serious Actress

May 12, 2009 By:
Kylie Minogue Wants to Be a Serious Actress

Kylie Minogue wants to be a triple threat; she wants to sing, dance and be a famous actress.

Kylie is desperate to embark on a film career and is asking directors to give her the same chance Nick Cave offered when they dueted on Where The Wild Roses Grow.

She says, "(Cave) saw me in a totally different way, believed in me and had this idea and a vision for a number of years before he contacted me and we worked together and it was just absolutely perfect.

"My daytime fantasy is that there is a director somewhere who will be thinking that kind of way but putting it into the context of the film. I would love to do more movies.

"I really got waylaid and sidetracked. I started out as an actress and I thought that's what I would do."

Kylie is so talented, we can see her being a success at anything she puts her mind too. And with a face like that, who wouldn't want to watch her on the big screen?