Kylie Jenner Used to Look So Different

July 2, 2014 By:
Kylie Jenner Used to Look So Different
Image By: Getty Images / Instagram

A lot can happen in Hollywood in just three short years.

Just to refresh you all, this is Kylie Jenner (left) and this is also Kylie Jenner (right).


From the ages of 13 to 16, she looks slightly different and we can’t stop staring or speculating.


For instance, her lip shape has completely transformed. Maybe it’s just makeup and she’s drawing them.


Her general face shape also looks different, but again, perhaps it’s just makeup.

After all, she was most likely educated by the queen of highlighting and contouring herself, Kim Kardashian.


Is plastic surgery involved? Is her makeup just masterfully applied? Or has she simply just matured?


So many questions.


No answers.

She’s already stated on Twitter that she finds plastic surgery rumors to be hurtful and insulting—so it’s time to move on. Unfortunately this is the reality of growing up in the public eye where people can compare and contrast every single physical change, even if you’re just 16 years old.