Kylie Jenner Needs Her Own Spinoff Reality Show ASAP

July 7, 2014 By:
Kylie Jenner Needs Her Own Spinoff Reality Show ASAP
Image By: Instagram

The super interesting life playing out on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram deserves some airtime. It’s a hit reality TV show in the making.

Kylie Jenner is something of an outsider when it comes to her famous Kardashian klan.

See? Rebellious!


She’s constantly jet-setting around the world.


Here she is in New York one day.


Then in Italy the next.

Every episode would be a revolving door of metro locales.


She’s got a fabulous group of friends.


And a BFF we all need to get to know.

His name is @shammaurice and they’re practically attached at the hip.


Look at them just sitting on the hood of an expensive car like it’s nobody’s business.


Her sister is Kendall Jenner.


And like all sisters, the two have fun, fight and everything in between, which is a recipe for great TV.


Not to mention her other very famous sisters.

Hi, Khloe.


They will gladly contribute controversy to her potential spinoff.

Like when Khloe wore this Native American headdress that received backlash from the indigenous community. Eek!


Kylie always keeps up with the latest fashion trends.

OFF WHITE, represent.


And her hair color is always changing.


Then there are the multiple projects she’s juggling that a show can explore. Like this sci-fi book she wrote with her sister Kendall.


And their joint PacSun collaboration.


There’s more than meets the eye with Kylie.


So someone give her a show already.