Kristin Chenoweth Wants to Adopt Haitian Orphan

February 2, 2010 By:
Kristin Chenoweth Wants to Adopt Haitian Orphan

Kristin Chenoweth has decided on a personal way to give back to the devastated country of Haiti. The actress and songbird is reportedly thinking about adopting an orphan child from Haiti. 41-year old Kristin hopes that by doing so, it may encourage others to do the same.

“I am thinking about it. And I am praying about it,” she told Showbiz Spy. “It’s a huge decision. I have not been able to turn off the TV and have been very moved by what I have seen so I think that could be a real possibility for my life.”

Kristin continued, “I am adopted myself so I am going to go there and help raise the profile of the cause just as it starts to fade. I have just got to plan my schedule.”

The actress even took to her Twitter page recently to address her feelings about adoption, saying, "If I can't have kids of my own someday, I will adopt. Haiti maybe. I mean c'mon! This is killing me people. I wish I could adopt. I've thought long and hard. And I may still. I was adopted myself, so...."

She also told Access Hollywood in an interview, "I have been able to think of nothing else. I don't have a husband, but I just can't watch the television. Last night, I was watching it and I was thinking that there are so many kids now that are like that. They have no parents, they don't even know what has just happened to them.”

It sounds like Kristin almost has her mind made up, but that it’ll just be a matter of time until her dream becomes a reality. Kristin is one of the most gracious and kind celebrities we’ve ever met, and we think she’d made a great mother!