Was Kristin Cavallari Searching for Cocaine at Super Bowl?

February 17, 2010 By:
Was Kristin Cavallari Searching for Cocaine at Super Bowl?

Disturbing news has just come in regarding The Hills star Kristin Cavallari. Several media outlets are reporting that the socialite has a serious drug problem!

Sources tell Us Weekly that Kristin spent her entire Super Bowl weekend in Miami looking to score cocaine. "She was wasted the entire time," a source says. "She was going around to everyone, asking them to score her some coke."

Even close acquaintances have piped in, adding, "Her issues are becoming apparent to everyone. She's getting scary-thin and not showering regularly...She's clearly unhealthy."

According to the mag, Kristin’s co-stars on The Hills are urging her to go to rehab. "She doesn't think she has a problem," a source says. “Her drug problem finally became an unavoidable conversation topic on film. If MTV uses the footage, it will be clear to everyone."

On the flip side, a Cavallari pal tells E! that the rumors are 100% false. "That's ridiculous," says the insider. "I have never seen her do coke. When she was in Miami she was partying till like 3 a.m. and didn't do drugs once. And if there was anytime to do it, it would have been then!"

As for her work ethic, the insider says, "She is always there bright and early and happy to do it. Nobody on the production crew said anything bad about her work ethic or about her being difficult on set. She's only missed a taping once and it was for a lame birthday party for [a costar's] 7-year-old neighbor, Enzo. Nobody wanted to go to that so I don't blame her."

We contacted Kristen's rep who told Hollyscoop exclusively, "She has no drug problem... Don't believe everything you read or hear."

We don’t know who to believe. Rumors always have a little bit of truth to them! What do you think of Kristin?