Spencer Pratt Bashes Kristin Cavallari

September 29, 2009 By:
Spencer Pratt Bashes Kristin Cavallari

Move over, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag! There’s a brand new villain in town, and her name is Kristin Cavallari. We’ve already been hearing about the horror stories involving The Hills’ latest cast member, and we can hardly wait to tune in tonight for the premiere.

In a brand new interview with Popeater,
Spencer praises the newest addition to the show, calling her “…my new superstar cast member Kristin Cavallari who's banging everyone's boyfriends on the show.”

He also says “…a girl like Kristin Cavallari was born to be on reality television. Spencer goes on to say that it’s possible to become just like Kristin if you just try hard enough. He says, “Not that I'm saying you couldn't become that person if you were to buy 'How to Become Famous' written by Heidi and Spencer coming to book stores near you in November. That will help you maybe become Kristin Cavallari.”

As for what we can expect tonight, Spencer tells Popeater, “The second the camera goes on, she's like the Predator in the jungle when everyone goes into thermal imaging. It's like, 'Whose life can I destroy on television? Which girl's boy/husband can I go after?' They really went and got a ringer.

"When Kristin was the narrator of 'Laguna Beach,' it was bigger than when LC was the narrator, and the reason is one is twice, if not infinitely, more entertaining. Lauren's perfect for one of those shows like on YouTube like LonelyGirl... Lauren Conrad should be LonelyGirl2 on YouTube.”

Wow. The drama just never gets old. Tune in to MTV tonight for the season premiere of The Hills, featuring their newest cast member Kristin Cavallari. And for more on what Speidi are up to, check out Popeater.