Kristin Cavallari 'Not Happy' Jay Cutler's Teammate Revealed Baby's Sex

May 2, 2012 By:
Kristin Cavallari 'Not Happy' Jay Cutler's Teammate Revealed Baby's Sex

Don’t you hate being the person who accidently reveals a secret? Earl Bennett does!

The Chicago Bears wide receiver let it slip on sports radio show "Boers & Bernstein" that teammate Jay Culter and fiancé Kristin Cavallari are expecting a boy.

Yikes. Needless to say, the Hills star and the Bears quarterback are less than pleased.

A source close to the couple tells Hollyscoop, "They are not happy that something so personal was revealed on a radio show, especially Jay - he didn't want anyone to know what they were having."

Other than causing some really awkward locker room time after practice, this completely blows the lid off the cover that Kristin, 25, and Jay, 29, had been trying to hold over the public on the baby’s sex.

Bennett apparently didn’t get the memo, though. The Bear spoke freely on the air.

“New toys, a baby on the way — he's having a boy,” Bennett told Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein (and all of their Chicago listeners) on Tuesday. “I am excited for Jay. It’s a great time.”

Kristin and Jay had announced her pregnancy back in January, planning for the new arrival to come in the summer. They will be holding off on a wedding until then.

Meanwhile, Bennett will be taking some time to find a big enough boot to shove in his mouth before he reveals any other key details about the couple’s private life.