Kristin Cavallari: How I Lost My Baby Weight

October 3, 2012 By:
Kristin Cavallari: How I Lost My Baby Weight

Kristin Cavallari gave birth to son Camden Jack Cutler less than 2 months ago, and already has snapped back to her pre-baby weight. She’s the incredible shrinking woman and we had to find out what she’s been doing to shed the weight.

“Honestly, I don’t have a secret,” Kristin told Hollyscoop at ULTA Beauty’s “Donate With a Kiss” event in NYC, “I’m breastfeeding and that burns 500 calories a day, so that helps.”

She also didn't use her baby bump as an excuse to stuff her face, "I didn't completely fall off the wagon when I was pregnant. I gained 25 pounds which my doctor said was the ideal amount to gain, so I'm healthy in general. I'm healthy and I started working out when he was four weeks old, [I'm] taking it slow and easy."

Kristin put off her wedding to have the baby, but baby Camden only brought her and fiancé Jay Cutler closer.

“You create this little life together,” she tells us, “It is amazing, it is a miracle and it has drawn us closer.”

And although Kristin's fiancé/baby daddy plays professional football she doesn't necessarily want baby Camden to do the same, "I don't know, they get beat up too much. I hope he plays baseball or something where he doesn't get hit."