Kristin Cavallari Gets Into a Bar Fight

May 14, 2010 By:
Kristin Cavallari Gets Into a Bar Fight

Kristin Cavallari is such an attention whore, she'll create drama that doesn't even exist.

The Hills star reportedly got into a screaming match with a gorgeous brunette who was flirting with her ex Brody Jenner at the Nylon Young Hollywood party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood Wednesday night.

The drama started when she saw Brody chatting with fellow Hills member Audrina Patridge. According to Us Weekly, "Jenner stopped speaking to Patridge to try to calm down Cavallari, who was on her second beer, but she grabbed his arm angrily before they parted."

A while later Brody started chatting with the brunette and ignored Kristen, which is when she threw a cell phone she'd received for free from a swag suite down on the floor in anger.

30 minutes later she went up to Brody and the girl and started screaming at both of them. The girl’s friends intervened and after about five minutes, Brody calmed her down and they left the party together with a hotel key in hand.

We know what you're thinking, isn't Brody dating Avril Lavigne? Yes he is! But this fake scene was made up because the cast was shooting a scene for 'The Hills'. More proof that the show is as fake as Heidi's boobs. Do you still watch the show knowing all the plot lines are completely made up?