Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Are Probably Dating Again

October 4, 2011 By:
Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Are Probably Dating Again

I knew these crazy kids couldn’t stay apart for too long. Less than three months after ending their engagement at the last minute, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are most likely back on again. And here’s the evidence.

The first sign of a reconciliation was that Cutler was in the audience during last night’s Dancing with the Stars. In my head, I just heard an audience “woo-ing" as if Kelly Kapowski kissed A.C. Slater on an episode of Saved By the Bell.

Then, on Tuesday morning—the morning after the show, mind you— the two grabbed breakfast in Los Angeles, where they were photographed holding hands. It was previously reported that although Cavallari was “absolutely devastated” over the split, the two have been spending time “working it out.”

"They're not officially back together but they're definitely talking and figuring things out," a source said at the time.

Well, all signs point to them having figured it out.

"Everything happened too fast when they first got together," the source said. "So this time they're taking things slow."

Backstage after Dancing with the Stars, Kristin’s partner, Mark Ballas said:

“She’s not going to talk about it,” when asked about the Cavallari/Cutler relationship status.

Access Hollywood asked Kristin: “On the first night, you were talking about your personal story and your broken engagement. Did I see the guy in the audience tonight?”

Cavallari responded: “Did you? That’s interesting…interesting. I’m not really sure how that happened. Mark obviously invited him."

When asked flat out whether they were back together, Kristin giggled and said no.

Another reporter asked her about Jay’s appearance, and Cavallari merely giggled again and said, “My dad was here. It was nice.”

Great job dodging that question. This was the week Nancy Grace should’ve had that nip-slip. Everyone was so wrapped up in Kristin and Jay's relationship status, no one would’ve even noticed a middle-aged boob popping out.

"I always get a little bit nervous when I have close friends and family here," Cavallari added. "I try not to look at them. I try just to tune them out."

The couple was all set to walk down the aisle when “she got dumped,” a source revealed.

"She was planning her dream wedding, the date was set, the location – everything was set," the source says. "She's in shock that the dream wedding she was planning is going to end this way."