Justin Bobby Denies Kristin Cavallari Romance

June 1, 2009 By:
Justin Bobby Denies Kristin Cavallari Romance

He’s been called a douche bag, he’s been called dirty and more recently The Hills star Justin Bobby has been labeled Kristin Cavallari's boyfriend.

Hollyscoop caught up with Justin at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards to clear the air about this alleged romance. When asked if he is dating Kristin, Justin told Hollyscoop, “No. We're acquaintances at the moment.” When Hollyscoop pressed on the dating rumors he added, “No were dating," he joked. "No, no, its all fun.”

There were rumors that the shows producers wanted to set Justin and Kristin up in the new season to add some spice to the show. “There’s new cast members, more drama less drama, less drinking more drinking,” admits Bobby.

If there's one thing we can expect from every season of the hit show, it's drama. Justin’s ex girlfriend Audrina Patridge recently revealed to Ryan Seacrest on his morning radio show that she can't stand Kristin Cavallari.

When asked why Justin thought Audrina disliked Kristin, he said, “There’s obvious reasons why...She’s actually cool, she’s a professional… she’s ready to do it, a lot of people get scared static people kind of freeze up, but she’s ready to go.”

In regards to how the show will be without Lauren Conrad, Justin admits. “Laurens really motherly, comforting to every situation and I think Kristin is a little bit of the opposite so…”

Lauren’s motherly characteristic has helped the show reach its current success but will Kristin be able to maintain or lead the show to higher ratings? Kristin certainly believes she can do a better job, but what does Justin think? “Ya of coarse… new flesh is always good, it’s good.”

One person who won’t be watching the new season is Paris Hilton, who recently slammed the show calling it "lame and fake." In regards to Paris' statements Justin added, “Product placement, definitely everything is placed as it should be. It’s a love hate there's pros and cons there’s ups and downs. It's work at the end of the day.”

Speaking of work, Justin revealed that he will be busy “ playing music and doing my thing outside of that and coming back playing on the hills a little bit.”

Between Kristin and Audrina's feud, Justin's alleged romance with Kristin, and Heidi and Spencer just being Heidi and Spencer, it looks like the show will have enough drama to go on without their heroine Lauren Conrad. What do you guys think?