How Kristin Cavallari Lost the Baby Weight in Record Time

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How Kristin Cavallari Lost the Baby Weight in Record Time
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Kristin Cavallari is one of Hollywood's latest celebrity mamas. Of course, she isn't letting the newfound status hold her body back either.

Hollyscoop caught up with Kristin while she gave us a look at her new jewelry line GlamBoutique in LA and we immediately noticed her post-baby glow. We asked the reality TV beauty how she's been feeling since giving birth to her son Camden.

"It's the most amazing, rewarding thing in the entire world," Kristin says. "It's hard work, but it's so much fun. Especially now that Camden is 6 months old, his personality is really coming out so every day is something new."

With this new fashion accessories line, she even has her fit physique to match. Kristin gained 25 pounds during her pregnancy, the expected and healthy amount, but continued her wholesome diet through all the cravings.

"I'm a really healthy eater in general and I maintained that through pregnancy," she says, which helped prep her to lose the baby weight since welcoming Camden. Unlike all the drama depicted on her former MTV show The Hills, she really does have it all together it seems. She looks in better shape than ever before and we found out the three natural ways she shed the pounds and bounced back so quickly.

1. Everything organic – "I won't put it in my body if there's chemicals in it," Kristin says. "I'm like all natural, trying to be as organic as possible."

2. A constant workout regimen – "I work out 4 days a week," Kristin reveals. "I usually walk uphill on the treadmill for about 20 minutes, and then I'll follow that by 30–40 minutes of weights."

3. Breastfeeding – "I breast fed for 5 months which burns 500 calories a day," she says. "It's nature's way of helping you get your body back, so all of that helps."

But maybe no one should be so surprised by this entrepreneurial turn in her career.

"I think when [The Hills] was done, people wanted to see who I really was," says Kristin. "I've always been this girl. Just coming from a reality show where people focus on one side of your personality, and they play it up a lot, it's hard to break away from that. I think it took me having a baby for people to see the real me. I've been this girl all along."