Twihards Tweet Hard About Kristen Stewart's Cheating Allegations

July 25, 2012 By:
Twihards Tweet Hard About Kristen Stewart's Cheating Allegations

It’s a trial by Twitter this morning for Kristen Stewart as fans weigh in as to whether or not she was actually stupid enough to step out on Robert Pattison, the world’s most desired pale white man.

Maybe you’ve heard that Twihards take the real life incantation of Bella and Edward very seriously?

They are one of the world's hottest, richest, seemingly devoted young couples, that joined forces on the set of one of the most popular series of films of all time.

Fans pass full days hanging on every headline that speculates pending nuptials, future translucent babies, and KStew's choice in red carpet footwear.

The social media reactions to her alleged missteps, with a married father of two no less, have varied in theme, but remain passionate in tone. Love her, hate her, want him, the fans are all aflutter about their opinions.

Not Guilty

KStew has at least one very passionate tweeter on her side:

How Could She? Or, What A Dumb B**ch!

So… Does This Mean Rob’s Available?

And Let’s Just Cut To The Chase:

Let’s hope that these rumors get debunked, and quickly, or things could get pretty rough for Kristen… at least on the Internet. Good thing she and Rob don't have Twitter!